Featured is a BBQ slotted spoon by Pampered Chef!

*  Direct from Pampered Chef, you'll receive one (1) BBQ Slotted Spoon
*  Item # 2717
  • The BBQ Slotted Spoon works great for stirring vegetables, meatballs and more while cooking on the stove-top or grill. 
  • Approx. 15 1/2", dish-washer safe
  • The long handle keeps hands away from heat.
  • Hanging loop for convenient storage
*  Item will ship in original packaging as shown in the picture.
*  This item will make the perfect addition to your kitchen or perhaps a gift for family and friends.

Item will ship U.S. Mail for $3.50. Thank you for looking and bidding on our auctions. Ebay id:  kisginger (Bringing the Magic to You)